Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel Review

Purchasing the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is undoubtedly the best decision I have ever made, as this reel certainly embodies all the features I have ever wanted in a spinning reel. After reading a large number of Penn Spinfisher reviews, I determined that the features of this spinning reel were perfect for my fishing needs.


What Are The Benefits Of You Owning A Penn Spinfisher?

Before I bought my best spinning reel, I looked through Penn Spinfisher reviews on Amazon to determine how I would benefit from owning one. And that is the exact thing I am going to do below; give you the benefits awaiting you when you buy this spinning reel.

The main problem that anglers face when they fish is that their gearbox and drag system quickly gets damaged when exposed to surf or spray. Thankfully, the outstanding water tight design found on this spinning reel ensures that this problem is in the past. So if you want to dunk your entire reel in the saltiest of waters go ahead; it will work as well as it did before.

Secondly, we have 3 HT-100 drag washers which form the Slammer Drag System (1 located at the top of the spool, though the other two are located underneath the spool). These greased washers ensure a fantastic and smooth as silk drag is achieved at all times. This feature also guarantees that you will be using the spinning reel for a long time to come- this is excellent news for your bank account!

Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

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But this amazing reel does not stop there; it’s amazing features continue on and on. When you spend hard earned money on this reel, you will also benefit from exceptional range, limitless adjustment, and an adjustable diameter drag knob; so that you can reel in fish from maximum distances from the comfort of your boat/pier spot.

Penn Spinfisher V review

I’m pretty sure that you are already eager to buy this reel, so let me dazzle you some more. The body and the side plate of the spinning reel also make it extremely popular (as seen on Penn Spinfisher reviews). These parts are made up of strong aluminum, for accurate gear alignment when faced with the heavy load.

Additional Features of the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

After reading my personal Penn Spinfisher V Spinning reel review given above, I am more than certain that you are begging for more information on this reel. That is why I have slogged through tens of Penn Spinfisher reviews, with the aim of finding the most important features that you should know before you make your purchase.

  1. The reel comes in 4 sizes: 3500/4500, 5500/6500, 7500/8500 and 9500/10500
  1. The reel has 6 seals (and 9 seals on the live liner models), to provide the unique watertight design found in the Spinfisher V series
  1. A rubber gasket design prevents the super line from slipping- the great news isn’t it?
  1. 5 shielded stainless steel bearings allows for smooth as butter drags
  1. Bail trip when casting is annoying isn’t it? That is why a Friction trip ramp has been included to prevent this from happening
  1. Line capacity rings reduce the time you spend worrying about how many lines you have left, by indicating whether you have a third, two-thirds or a full spool line remaining- fishing has just gotten ten times easier.

The Potential Concerns Of The Penn Spinfisher V

Finding negatives when it comes to the Penn Spinfisher is extremely hard to do. Just look at the Spinfisher V Spinning reel reviews and see for yourself. However, I must say that the dark color paint on my reel looks a bit bumpy in some areas- almost like it was made to cover uneven lint and chips. But this might be particular to my reel only.

What Else Do You Get When You Buy The Spinning Reel?

We all like surprises, and there is no doubt that you will be looking for extra equipment when your spinning reel arrives. I am glad to tell you that the Penn Spinfisher also comes with a diagram of parts, a bag with extra spool and a manual.

Final Verdict

As you can see from the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Reel review above, this reel is definitely one of my ultimate fishing possessions. Whether you choose to purchase a regular or live liner model, I can assure you of the fishing trip of your lifetime if you buy this spinning reel.

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