Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel Review

Are You Looking For The Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel Review?

The Okuma Cedros 40S High-Speed Spinning Reel is one of the best spinning reel and an excellent choice for you!

Okuma has come a long way in the spinning reel market, and the Okuma Cedros 40S High-Speed Spinning Reel is just another example of its fantastic construction and design abilities. This successful single speed reel has been designed to shine in freshwater, brackish water and saltwater, and will cast far and smooth every time.

Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel review

The intricate and heavy duty nature of this reel allows you to enter into battle with large and hard fighting fish, and also gives you the chance to take on deep water jigging for jack, snapper, and tuna.

So if you are the type of person who looks forward to exhilarating and thrilling fishing tips, take a look at the detailed Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel review given below.

Silky Smooth Drag System

The Okuma Cedros makes use of a precision Dual Force Drag system, which literally stops all fish right in their tracks. The way this system works is by applying equal compression on the top and bottom of the spool, with the aim of achieving constant pressure and greater heat dissipation. When this is combined with the water tight drag seal, and Multi-disc oiled felt drag washers, we have 20 lbs of the smoothest drag ever found in any spinning reel ever made.

If you want to feel like you are reeling in butter when in fact you are reeling in a crazed catfish, trout, bass or tuna, this is the reel for you.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

The Okuma Cedros 40S High-Speed Spinning Reel is an ergonomic machine, made from solid anodized aluminum and high-quality precision machined stainless steel parts. The narrow and compact Okuma Blade body, in particular, is created using an Aluminize construction process, which augments the strength of the reel without sacrificing on the comfort of the user. What we now have is a sturdy base of operations that guarantees perfect alignment among all components, without causing fatigue in your arms as you fish.

Despite the use of aluminum in the body, frame, side plate and rotor (the last three are made using rigid die-cast aluminum), Okuma has managed to give you a lightweight 12.1 oz reel that is easy to maneuver and pleasant to hold. Furthermore, all of these components have been covered with a corrosion resistant coating to improve the durability of the reel- it is no fun buying the perfect reel if it is just going to break down after a few uses.

Okuma Cedros Reel review

When it comes to the spool, 2-tone anodized aluminum has been used to guarantee superior strength. This is also repeated in the heavy duty bail wire, which I can assure you will not break in the middle of you reeling in your massive catch. This is all topped off with a custom designed, anodized, machined aluminum jigging handle knob. The entire screw-in design of this handle certifies the reels rigidity even under the heaviest of loads. And before I forget, the Okuma Cedros is a vibrant reel made up of a collection of distinct colors. A gorgeous gold spool and bail wire, a bright blue knob, and a silver body and handle are the icings on the cake of this reel.

Super Strong Gearing

The Okuma Cedros boasts of high-density gearing, with brass pinion gears made from the precision machine process. These gears are coated with a corrosion resistant layer, ensuring that exposure to the elements will not erode them.

the Gear of Okuma Cedros reel is as strong as the best stainless steel and as smooth as the best brass gearings. So if you are hoping to target large and powerful fish in the salty oceans, or catch the elusive prey in freshwater, this smooth and finesse reel will make your dreams possible.

Additional Features of the Okuma Cedros High Speed Reel

  1. The 40S is an affordable reel that is priced within your budget. Furthermore the CJ-30S, 45S, 55S, 65S and 80S which all fall under the Okuma Cedros High-Speed spinning reels.
  1. The blazing fast 6:2:1 gear ratio which allows for swift retrieval ensures that you can keep up with the quickest of fish.
  1. The Cedros has 4HPB stainless steel bearings, which are all corrosion resistant. Also, the spinning reel has a quick set anti-reverse roller bearing that guarantees smooth operation by reducing friction.
  1. Like most modern spinning reels the Cedros has infinite anti-reverse, which is necessary if you want to execute those perfect hooks sets that give you bragging rights when you are with your friends.
  1. Because no one enjoys the post-fishing process where you have to unload, unpack and clean your gear, Okuma has created a reel that requires minimal maintenance- rinse with water after use.
  1. Okuma has made use of the RES II: Computer balanced rotor equalizing system. In layman’s terms, this means that the annoying wobbling you may experience on other reels is not present in this one. What we have instead is a reel that provides consistently smooth and flawless casts and retrieves.

The Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel Review and Scores

While researching the Okuma Cedros on several pro fishing sites, I came across a large number of positive reviews. Amazon, in particular, has given this spinning reel a 3.7-star rating after being reviewed by 27 individuals. It should be noted that 16 of these reviewers gave the reel an overwhelming 5 out of 5-star rating.

The Potential Concerns of Using the Okuma Cedros High Speed Reel

Unfortunately, like all spinning reels, the Cedros has a few drawbacks. In this case, the reel comes left-handed. The upside to this is that converting the reel to a right-handed reel is simple and straightforward, and only requires basic knowledge and tools. It is also a one-time operation that does not need a follow-up.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly going through the Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel reviews, I can confidently say that the benefits of this reel far outweigh its drawbacks. This reel is a rugged workhorse that supplies endless amounts of speed and strength. So if you are looking for a saltwater spinning reel that is large on features but the minute on price, look no further than the Okuma Cedros 40S High-Speed Spinning Reel.

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