Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder Review

Garmin’s Striker 4 fish finder is really affordable that is under $200 of course and probably one of the best candidates to be featured for the best fish finder. If you want CHIRP sonar for your money than I found it the most affordable and compact. There are mainly two models in Striker 4 series. 010-01550-00 is the one which comes with the English documentation and the other one is010-01550-01for World Wide documentation. Though both the units have almost same specs, even with the same transducer!

Garmin’s Striker 4 review

The striker four fish finder looks like old model mobile phone by its design, but the color display gives it a sporty look. The images that sent back to the display is pretty much detailed, and that will give you a great underwater view to take the fishing advantage.

Technical Specs:

  • Physical Dimension of 3.6” x 5.9” x 1.6”
  • 3.5” diagonal, 480H x 320V, HVGA color display
  • Dual Frequency CHIRP sonar
  • Frequency and Coverage: 2D Sonar: 200 kHz / 15° and 77 kHz / 45°
  • 1750 ft. fresh water and 830ft. Saltwater max. depth capability
  • Transmit power: 300 W (RMS)
  • High precision integrated GPS
  • Water temperature log and graph

The striker for comes to the dual-beam 77/200 kilo hertz chirp transducer that can be mounted either on the transom of your boat or your trolling motor. The included mounting hardware and cable term give you the clearest and sharpest view of individual fish targets. It only allows you Mid & High chirp but not to use low chirp with this fish finder.

The maximum depth capability of this unit is 1750 feet for fresh water and 830 feet for salt water fishing. However, experts claimed that it could only be possible with a 50 kHz transducer. But the supplied transducer by the manufacturer could be able to reach somewhere around 800 feet deep.

Garmin’s Striker 4

CHIRP sonar adds some real value to this unit. It will benefit you by providing a clearer image, less-cutlers, better-defined targets and much more! It will offer you awesome target separation. With an addition, it is equipped with powerful CLEARVÜ sonar that assists you to find fish even in the gloomy waters and with lots of natural obstacles.

Fish symbol ID helps to target the fish more precisely. It functions almost the same as Fish ID+ which is featured in other top rated fish finders. It analyzes the sonar return and shows a fish icon on the screen for each targeted fish. This also tells the possible distance of the target. Again there is also flasher mood available which is exceptionally cool for ice-fishing.

When you spot fish, you can mark the location using the built-in GPS so you can return to them in the future of course. You can also mark docks or boat ramp so that you can get back to where you launched your bow. You can also see your speed and head at any time. There are even a water temperature log-in Graph and a flasher screen which is popular for ice fishing.

It comes with all of that you can mount it onto your trolling motor as soon as you get it. Because it comes with the necessary parts and it also comes with the transom mount installation kit, and that’s great!! I like that. Another thing is that it doesn’t come with these, but you can also buy protective covers kayak in hull transducer mount and user data sharing cable which is nice. If you’re fishing from a small boat or kayak, Garmin Striker 4 fish finder is one of the most functional and affordable sonar navigation combos you can buy.

Garmin’s Striker 4 fish finder review

Is Striker 4 the perfect one for you?

The Garmin Striker 4 is an easy going electronic device. It is suitable for all kinds of anglers. Either you are a novice or an expert you might not find any difficulty to use this excellent unit. The navigation of this fish finder is so easy that you will accustom to it within ten to twenty minutes.

Features of the Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder include:

  • Simple and convenient keypad option
  • 77/200 kHz CHIRP sonar
  • Mark location with built-in high sensitivity GPS
  • Auto gain technology minimizes clutters and maximizes targets
  • Fish passing through transducer beam is displayed in real time by A-Scope feature
  • Able to mark up to 5000 waypoints
  • Tilt or swivel mount

Potential concerns to consider:

  • This fish finder is supposed to include a transducer. Some users have reported that they did not receive a transducer, however. I suggest that you contact customer service immediately if you feel any parts or pieces are missing from your purchase.
  • Garmin Striker is a more suitable device for fishing in freshwater lakes than in salt water application
  • I found few bad reviews for its back-lit failure

Final Verdict

Garmin believes in the power of simplicity. The striker 4 fish finder could be a handy gadget for your relaxing fishing experience. It could be a great option if you are looking for an advance featured unit in an affordable budget.

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