Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

Hey, Tech savvy people! We are Introducing the best portable fish finder on the market. Deeper came with the game changer in the portable unit for the fish and depth finding. There are many portable fish finders out there, but Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ is the ultimate in smart sonar fishing. After the wide acceptance of deeper smart portable 3.0 fish finder and the sonar Pro version, The Pro+ had introduced with slightly advanced and improved features.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro plus review

Deeper sonar fish finder will give you the perfect choice of fishing with ease. You can use this smartphone fish finder from boat, shore or at ice fishing equally in all conditions. Just hook the affordable fishfinder to start casting to your desired location and enjoy the underwater view on your bright screen of the smartphone.

Technical Specs:

  • 2.5” diameter, 100 grams ball-shaped device
  • Connection: Wireless Wi-Fi
  • GPS: Internal GPS receiver
  • Depth Capability: 260 ft. in wide angle and 4.3 ft. in narrow-angle
  • Sonar: Dual Beam
  • Sonar Frequency: 290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°)
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Power: Li-Poly, 3.7V rechargeable battery

The Smartness of Deeper Sonar Pro+

The smartest feature of this sonar (and those early models) is they are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This will allow you to interpret the sonar readings on your smartphone screen. Simply download the free app on your device and enjoy using all the gaming features.

Deeper Pro plus review

Deeper provided a wireless connectivity to allow you to cast and view whether you are at a distance. So they came with free Wi-Fi connection in its devices. But don’t worry; you won’t need any internet to be connected. The earlier versions used Bluetooth for connectivity. You don’t have to concern about those power leads connecting to your monitor. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection for the superb precision of data transmission. The connection range with Wi-Fi is about 330 ft. (100m) while it was just about 140 ft. (42m) With the earlier Bluetooth versions. It can also manage to establish a stronger connection, so there is fewer disconnections occur while using.

Sonar Pro+ is constructed with ABS that makes the unit durable and resistant performance. Thick and waterproof plastic safeguards the transmitter and internal components. This ball sized device is also lightweight and just 100 grams which easily fits in your pocket!

Deeper Pro plus

When looking for a fish finder, you would surely take the sonar capability in consideration. The sonar which can differentiate between small fish and the other objects in the water is the best fish finder without a doubt. And the Pro Plus is one of such kind of its sophisticated sonar technology that shows even 0.04 feet distant. The unit operates on dual beam sonar with 290 kHz creating a 15° cone angle and 55° on 90 kHz sonar frequency. 15° gives detail in the picture, and the bigger cone provides large picture also. The wide angle is capable of reaching maximum 260-feet (80m) deep and the narrower is 4.3-feet in freshwater.

You can save your favorite fishing spots with its internal GPS receiver; even it will let you create maps on different dates. Whether you are casting from the boat or on shore, deeper Pro Plus will give you an accurate reading. The 15 scans per second provide the ultimate accuracy that nothing to miss from your image.

Deeper’s both smart sonars are capable of to be used as flasher while ice fishing. That will let you examine the water column under the hole you made. You can also view in Split Screen mode simultaneously. Fish notes, weather forecast calendar, zoom feature makes the operation easier.Real time mapping in deeper smart sonar pro plus

This portable unit is powered by a 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery which is rechargeable. You need a long lasting power support while using a wireless portable device and this supports for 6 hours of continued use. It takes just 2 hours to get recharged fully that means you can get this finder with lots of use. Many anglers reviewed that they don’t have to recharge it for up to 6 months or more. That’s amazing!!

Another additional feature that made the device compact is the bathymetric mapping. Bathymetric mapping is what it give you the underwater map; it is just the reverse of the topography map. And the underwater map is available offline. This feature is also accessed while fishing from shore. You can make the record the underwater structure, so fish won’t be let hidden.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro PLUS

As nothing is perfect in this world so does the unit. The unit doesn’t work at all in those locations where the depth is under 5-feet. But do you love deep sea fishing?? Or ice fishing?? Then this finder will help you undoubtedly. Some anglers complained that they faced a loss of connection which might be occurred for the mobile phone. It gives the real satisfaction in an affordable price.

Features of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+:

  • Ease of usage with fun
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Mobile compatible
  • Long lasting battery support
  • GPS enabled
  • Real-time bathymetric mapping
  • Color mode

Potential concerns to consider:

  • Doesn’t works well in the shallow water
  • Sometimes lose connection

Final Verdict:

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ will be a good option to pick up. The device will give you the ultimate versatility and compatibility while fishing in an affordable budget. If you love the portable device and don’t want the wired hassles, Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+  is a perfect match for you.

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