Coleman Quikpak K1 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Review

Whether it is summer or winter kayaking is always a fun way to relax or as a sport. And even you are an angler, why to fish from the shore? Just ride and hit the water with lots of targets.
Sevylor introduced Coleman Quikpak K1, a 1-person inflatable kayak under $200. Sevylor is a renowned inflatable water sport and recreational product manufacturer with more than 65 years of experience. Their cutting edge design is their biggest strength. While launching the Quikpak K1 a few years back, this was a breakthrough then.

Coleman Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak Review
In this article, I will try to dive in Quikpak K1 more in-depth and ride the know-hows of this product.

Kayak Specs:

• Product Dimension: 8-feet 7 inch x 3-feet
• Product Weight: 18 pound
• Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs. (NMMA certified) and fits one person
• Construction: 21-guage PVC rugged construction
• Multiple Air Chambers

Let’s Deflate the Coleman Quikpak K1 and See what’sin it

Sevylor’sQuikpak K1 offers you the ultimate portability. This inflatable kayak can be transformed into the seat from your backpack in a very short time. The manufacturer demands it will take only 5 minutes to setup and you can enjoy more time on the water. This differentiating feature is absent in many inflatable kayaks on the market. Thus it snatched a good point to be bought.

This inflatable kayak takes really less time to inflate and deflate. Thanks to its double lock valves. The double lock valves use two locking points that assist the whole process smoothly.

Again, the Quikpak K1 is designed to get added comfort while kayaking for a long time. It is quite spacious and enables you to stretch your legs, arms and back easily but not to be stiff.The backrest is a must for recreational kayakers. The supporting backrest lets you lean back and enjoy the ride with utmost comfort. The comfy cockpit is well-balanced with soft cushion and a firm surface that increase efficiency. Thus it offers ultimate paddling comfort. Since this is seat-on-top kayak getting in and out is quite simple and easy.

Though the K1 does not come with additional storage space, you can use its bungees to keep your necessary items there.The bungee nets can easily hold your foods and drinking bottles. But a cool feature is you can find a cup holder in it. Just think what amusement you can have!!

Quikpak K1 is constructed with rough and tough 21-guage PVC materials. You can have full faith on its construction. Its durability made it stand out. The bottom is protected with tarpaulin, and that withstands puncture and tears. But it is not true for inflatable kayaks though K1 make it quite true in its price range. Because of the multiple air chambers are the saviors. The air chambers ensure safety and float if one of them gets punctured. The airtight system ensures not to leak.

Coleman Quikpak K1 Review
The kayak is well designed and gives a sporty look. It designed to be carried backpack with shoulder straps. And it can be turned into comfortable seats. There are lifting handles on the front and rear side to carry the kayak on the water easily. The backpack can be stuffed in a small compartment, car’s trunk that won’t take extra space like solid kayaks. That’s the benefit of inflatable kayaks.

It fits anyone like teens, kids, adults and they can enjoy the craft. Quikpak K1 is capable of carrying up to 400 lbs. But the kayak is actually designed for one person. Beginners can also take this for its easy operation and stability.
The Quikpak Sit-on-top K1 kayak is mainly suitable for mild rivers and lakes. It offers a decent stability in calm water conditions. But it struggles in the bumpy water for its lightweight. At that time you may need some extra weights to put on. But it is advisable to take stronger kayaks for deeper and rougher water and yes, don’t forget to take enough safety measures.

The price tag is always a thing to look out though the product fantastic. No worries, this kayak is very much affordable. It is an under $200 inflatable kayak. The decent price tag is really awesome even it didn’t compromise with its quality too.

Features of the Intex Explorer K2:

• Quick inflation and deflation process
• Easy to carry and transport
• Spacious and comfortable Cockpit
• Durable, made with tough materials
• Tarpaulin bottom withstands punctures
• Airtight system prevents leak
• Multi-position foot rest and back rest facility
• Cup holders to keep drink close to your hand
• Hand pump and paddle included

Potential concerns to consider:

• Water drips off the paddle and into the kayak
• Lack of stability in rough water for its lightweight

Final Verdict:

In the final verdict, Coleman Quikpak K1 seat-on-top kayak could be a great inflatable kayak option for you and I would confidently recommend it. It is a great kayak for recreational usage and fishing also.Quikpak K1 is handy and compact as well as budget friendly. No matter those few drawbacks because no product is all perfect for all. It is portable, comfortable, affordable, and handy and that’s why I have featured this kayak in my best fishing kayaks.

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