Best Spinning Reel Reviews In 2018- Buying Guide

Spinning reels have long been the leading choice for the beginning angler as well as seasoned anglers. They are easy to use, execute well, and if you are fishing light lures and bait, they are important.

A spinning reel will certainly cast a light lure in addition to heavier lures and baits as well. There is not the worry connected with a spinning reel like the dreaded bird's nest that is so typical for the beginning bait casters.

With the enhancement to the modern spinning reels and their drag systems, you will certainly discover that a Best Spinning Reel is capable of handling almost all of your fishing needs.

Best Spinning reel

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Okuma Avenger spinning reel

Editor Rating:

The Okuma Avenger is very smooth and easy to use. This is something not every company can claim for their models, which is a big part of the reason why you should give this product more than just a passing glance.

The Okuma Avenger is not a one-size-fits-all item. You can choose ABF 30, ABF40, ABF 65 or ABF 90! This is a great benefit that will help to ensure you get the size that is perfect for you.

The features of this product are very well designed. There are seven stainless stell ball bearings. It also has a "patented on/off auto-trip bait feeding function" that truly helps to set it apart from competitors are offering.

The Okuma Avenger ABF has received postive reviews from all sources we've examined! That's because it is made well and dose its job right.

Part of the great  design is the fishing spinning reel's ease of use. It works smoothly and easily, every single time. There is even an easily reachable lever that allows the line to flow freely through the spool.

You can adjust the tension using the rear spool. It's this kind of functionality that will have you loving your Okuma Avenger.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-disk drag system and 7 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Cut brass pinion gear
  • Japanese oiled felt drag washers
  • resistant to corrosion
  • Anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Hydro Block water-tight seal

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

The Pflueger president is one of the best spinning reels which is lightweight and has a smooth drag. The body is prepared of graphite, and the reel provides great performance. it is better for those who are looking for an affordable price with high performance. with nine ball bearing, this reel provides a smoother operation.

One- way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing is use in the reel for preventing any backlash. So you don't need to worry about the line movement on you.​

It has an anodized aluminum spool with distinctive hole pattern for lighter weight.​

The spool of this spinning reel is perfect for fishing which helps you to find fish quickly. For catching big fish, you can use this reel because it's durable and also lightweight.

The Pflueger president Spinning Reel has Pflueger's signature sure-click Bail which help you to hear when the reel is functioning.

 All the features of this reel made it popular. Almost all the users are satisfied with it. The manufactures of this reel are popular, nd they used best quality components.

Highlighted Features

  • Muti-disc drag system and 9 stainless steel ball bearings
  • One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Anodized Aluminum spool with distinctive hole pattern for lighter weight
  • Titanium spool lip for added line protection
  • Large diameter titanium coated line roller
  • The reel from one of the best manufacturers with best quality components

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel

Shimano Stradic Ci4 Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

Shimano is one of the most popular brands in fishing gear. The Shimano stradic is very popular reel with freshwater fishing. The stradic has achieved this recognition and reputation for outstanding mechanical design and excellent drag system.

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Spinning Reel has six bearings for better performance, and its spool and handle are machined aluminum. The reel is stronger than the Shimano XT-7, and it will not rust because it is fully metal free. It has lightest frames with its side plate. The reel supports X-ship technology which increases its rotating performance.

You can use it in saltwater which will not create any problems. All the features of this product are impressive which increase your trust on the long run. The reel is not good for those who are looking to head out far off the shore, but it is perfect for those who are looking to catch bass.

Highlighted Features

  • 6+1 ball Bearings
  • Front drag adjustment
  • The Super Stopper II instant anti-reverse
  • 6.0:1 high gear ratio
  • weight range 5.8-9 oz
  • X-ship technology

KastKingSharky II Waterproof Spinning Reel

KastKing Sharky II spinning reel

Editor Rating:

Despite the multiple choices available for anglers to select from many recommendations goes to KastKingSharky II. The reason for liked this reel is because it takes into consideration multiple factors that are critical to your fishing success. Its price is quite friendly compared to other reels offering similar quality hence it can be easily acquired. This latest model has undergone multiple years of redesigning from which it have acquired its superior quality.

The reel is made of carbon fiber which makes it extra light, waterproof and strong at the same time. One can use it either in salt or fresh water without minding of corrosion. 

Its cogs have been re-engineered for a more exact fit with the strength of its brass gears being increased making it friendly and more effective to use. KastKingSharky II is recommended to both professional and novice anglers for its quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof Spinning Reel
  • Precision pinion gear system
  • Instant stop anti-reverse
  • Both Interchangeable metal handle
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Carbon fiber drags system

Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel

Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel

Editor Rating:

The Shimano Spirex RG is one of the best spinning reels for fishing. The reel has anti-reverse and nice rear-drag system which is outstanding for accessing the line quick. The gear ratio of the reel is 6.2:1 which is high so you can easily catch larger fish. The graphite side plates and graphite frame are also good features of this reel. You can quickly cast your Shimano Spirex reel line out than other reels on the markets. The reel is not good for a beginner.

You can be sure that the Shimano Spirex reel will not rust because the reel is corrosion-resistant. Overall the reel has many superb features, and it’s great for many people. Specially it is approved for saltwater, but You can use it for any types of fishing. The reel is affordable and user-friendly which you can choice for best results.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 Ball Bearings
  • Maximum Drag: 6 Pounds
  • 6.2:1 high Gear Ratio and 9.9 Ounces weight
  • Lightweight graphite frame and sideplate
  • Aluminum spool and graphite rotor
  • Propulsion Line Management System

Shimano Sienna Front Drag Spinning Reels


Editor Rating:

Shimano Sienna Spinning Reels has front drag and rear drag both versions. All sienna spinning reels models use the super stopper II. This is the fantastic fishing reel for you in affordable price with great performance.

It reduces backlash and deals out longer casts which gives you instant anti reverse reeling with. The reel is long lasting which have graphite frame and side plate. The super stopper II is best for freshwater to catch big freshwater fish.

You can also use the reel in saltwater, it is approved for saltwater. Indeed, the spinning reel doesn’t make noise and vibrations. Shimano sienna front drag more smooth than real drag and it’s also more popular. So you can choose it if you looking for a low-priced reel but high performance.

Highlighted Features

  • 3+1 bearings and one roller bearing
  • Weight range between 6.0 and 12.3 ounces
  • Durability and smoothness
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Graphite frame and side-plate
  • Aluminum spool and graphite rotor

Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel

Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel

Editor Rating:

With three ball bearings plus roller bearing, Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing Reel gives you high performance with affordable price, and it will give you a great experience than you imagined with its superb features.

The spool of the reel is made with ABS aluminum.

It prepared with durable materials which confirm that the reel will longer last more than the average reels. The reel has a twist buster system which removes your fishing line twist and snarl. It puts you in control of the fishing with Micro click front drag adjustment mechanism and anti-reverse system. Performance, power, and style with a low price, the reel gives you smooth action.

Daiwa Crossfire reel can hold as much line which you can believe as long as it can handle and it will provide you all day comport.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 ball bearings
  • ABS Aluminum spool
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Smooth Action
  • Gyro spin balanced rotor
  • Front drag adjustment mechanism
  • Reduction in twisting of lines

How to Pick the best Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are the most popular and famous type of fishing reel.  They become superior regarding light-line applications. Modern technology has changed the way fishing is nowadays, so there is always a challenge in choosing the best spinning reel. There are some tips to choice the right spinning reel,

These seven main parts of the reel which should always consider and those are reel body, reel size, gear ration, drag systems, ball bearings, spools and the anti-reverse handles.

parts of spinning reel

The Reel Body

Spinning reels, unlike the bait casting reels, have a broad variety of parts.  If you want to avoid the hassle of mechanical breakdowns, the safest pick would be the ones with the small number of parts.  Reel bodies are made of graphite, aluminum and plastic components.  The aluminum case is usually stronger than the graphite, while graphite is lighter in weight.  It is up to you if you want strength or weight but if you concentrate on heavy duty fishing, then choosing the aluminum would be the best pick.  For saltwater fishing, graphite would be the choice because they are resistant to corrosion. It is important to find a solid made reel body and should confirm that the parts of the body are functioning smoothly and there are no loose parts.

Reel Size

Most people have the difficulty in picking the best size of the spinning reel.  A ten-pound test line is the highest strength and thickness that should go with the spinning reel, and is mostly used, although one should also consider that it is not ideal for saltwater fishing or heavy trolling situations.  If you are looking for a lighter line to utilize, then purchase a smaller reel.  Be sure that the reel you intend to purchase is rated for the pound-test line that you plan to use.  You can also see the information on the reel spool.

Gear ratio

Gear ratio talks about the number of complete revolutions the spool makes with one turn of the reel handle.  Example would be 3:1, this is a little slower in speed as not much line is picked up in the process.  The advantage of this is that these reels give more torque in seeking big fish.  A gear ratio of 6:1 is known to have a high-speed recovery.  This is necessary that you know the kind of fish you go after since a slow, high or medium speed rate of retrieve will also be important.  4-4.5:1 is usually recommended for a moderately fast model if you only have the chance to choose one reel.  However, if you have the luxury to purchase more than one reel, a higher and slow speed kind would wrap up all the bases.

Drag System

Make sure that the reel you are planning to buy has a smooth, non-constraining drag since the drag system is one of the most necessary parts of the reel.  When the hook catches a fish, the drag’s primary role is putting pressure and letting out the line if the fish fights.  The tighter the line is set, the more steady the pull gets.  There are two kinds of drag systems accessible on spinning reels, the front, and the rear drag.  This is composed of the placement of the drag controls, although they are not the same.  Rear drag controls are accessible when you are fighting for a fish although it could not match up the larger fish and the demanding situation one encounters.  Compared to rear drag models, front drag systems has larger, multiple drag washers that provide higher levels of durability and performance.

Ball bearings

The greater the number of bearings a reel contains, the smoother the reel performs when utilized.  Compared to bushings, sealed stainless steel bearings are more preferred for additional stability and control.  Purchase a reel with the most bearings you can afford.  You don’t want to have a reel that doesn’t function well or is not smooth to retrieve, so try not to be stingy when choosing this part of the reel.


The spinning reel consists of a spool that plays a major role.  They give casting distance and smoothness, and they hold the line.  Spools nowadays are made of anodized aluminum or graphite.  Graphite is lighter in weight although aluminum spool gives strength and stability.  There are two basic styles of spools: internal and skirted spool.  Internal spools were used in the past although a cause tangles while the newer skirted type doesn’t have that problem.  There is another style called “long cast” spool.  As the name itself, they are much longer in length although this spool is shallower than the regular style.  A benefit you get from the “long cast” spool is clear-water or sight-fishing application because this spool allows for little line friction that allows increased casting distance for the fisherman.  When buying a reel, see you can get extra spare spools as they allow you to try each with the different pound-test line.  This will give you the ease to change applications while fishing.

Anti-Reverse Handles

Anti-reverse handles are required in look for the best spinning reel.  The hook sets are powerful and precise when the handle does not spin backward.  Be careful in choosing a reel, and make sure that it doesn’t go backward.


It might seem complicated and is a tough decision in choosing the right spinning reel, but once you know the important parts of the reel, this will also help you to learn a lot faster on fishing.  If you’re looking for good quality spinning reels, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend a lot of money.